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We are ooh people

Sinner's Day Winter
31 oktober 2022
Raven's nest



We Are Ooh People is a Belgian 5 headed band using influences of punk, electro, dance, techno, … covered with a creamy layer of melancholic New Wave. 

They define a new sound but the dark sounds of the good old ’80 always hit the surface.

What started as a duoproject in 2011 quickly turned into a 5 member band with 2 singers (male/female), computer and analogue synths, guitar and bass guitar. 

After releasing several EP’s, a full album on Vinyl and online platforms, was born. 

We Are Ooh People created a mystical and intriguing live act where a big light cube is on stage where the full band plays inside. With visual effects of light and smoke they create an atmosphere of alienation and mystery.

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