Sinner's Day Winter
31 oktober 2022
Raven's nest



Starcontrol’s sound is an hybrid between new wave, post-punk and eighties references. A sound that might be placed into new wave revival movement flowered in the past decade, also called neo wave. Band members are Davide Di Sciascio (lead singer), Laura Casiraghi (bass guitar and voice), Moreno Zorzetto (guitar, synth and programming).

Their seven tracks namesake EP has been released in 2011, followed by “The Ages of Dreams” EP released in 2012, and by “Fragments”, a full-length album released on February 2018 under Swiss Dark Nights label.

They’ve been playing as opener for The Chameleons, Kælan Mikla, Zola Jesus, The Naked and Famous, Lust for Youth and also shared the stage with Ash Code, Soviet Soviet, Tying Tiffany, Rosa Crvx, Winter Severity Index, M!R!M and Varsovie to name a few.

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