Section 25

Sinner's Day Winter
29 october 2022
Raven's nest



Section 25 originally formed in Blackpool, England in November 1977. Initially they were a duo of brothers Larry and Vincent Cassidy. After several re-incarnations in 2020 the band are now a duo again – just like they started! Consisting of Vincent Cassidy and long time collaborator Steven Stringer. Section 25 create a fantastic live show. The band released 3 albums on Tony Wilson’s iconic Factory Records. Mentored by Joy Division and New Order they have also been produced by Ian Curtis, Bernard Summer and Martin Hannett. Extensively sampled by the likes of The Shamen, Orbital and Kanye West, the band have an impressive post-punk pedigree.

S25 have performed all over the world in their 43 years and are perfect for festivals to club venues. In the post-Covid world the stripped down avant-garde experiment that is S25 have become a lean clean fighting machine. Live they are ready to explore the band’s rich Factory Records back catalogue… from a Northern Industrial/Heavy Dance viewpoint.

“We experiment with vocals, electronics and percussion effects, non-rock guitar and keyboards”.

Tony Wilson: “Those clever bastards from Blackpool”

Peter Hook:”There were only three bands that ever made money on Factory and S25 was one of them.”

Jon Savage: “Section 25 have evolved from obdurate nihilists into post-punk pioneers.”

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