Parade Ground

Sinner's Day Winter
29 october 2022
Raven's nest



Parade Ground is composed of two brothers Pierre and Jean-Marc Pauly who started performing live in 1981.

They were pioneers of Cold Wave and Electronic Body Music.

Their first single, ‘Moan on the sly’, was released in 1983 and they remained active until now (However they decided not to release anything between 1988 and 2007, being involved in other artistic projects like novels-writing and plastic art ).

Their style has evolved during the eighties, passing from an icy and radical cold wave to a more dancing sound with noticeable rythmics and exclusively synthetic melodies mixed up with dreamy visual dadaism.

They regularly collaborated with members of Belgian band Front 242, were produced by english producer Colin Newman of Wire and wrote and composed on two Front 242 albums in 1994.

They toured in various countries of Europe and have been an inspiration for many bands.

The band is well known for their singular and striking live performances: ‘the choreography of chaos’.

The future is now!

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