Sinner's Day Winter
30 oktober 2022
Raven's nest



NOYCE™ understand to produce music with the charm of eighties pop songs and redefine with their very own typical sound style to reach almost perfect modern hymns which shine with profound and emphatic lyrics. They call it “Headpop”. In more than 25 years they created Club anthems such as “Fall [out]”, “Sense of Despair” or “This World” and released as well excellent videos like “Heimat” or “Year 03”. NOYCE™ supported well-known bands such as VNV Nation (Empires Tour) or Diary of Dreams on their “n43 tour” and played almost all important festivals like M’era Luna, Wave Gotik Treffen, Blackfield Festival, Autumn Moon, Summer Darkness and many more. After many years they return to Belgium with their impressive show to perform at the “Sinners Day 2022”. NOYCE™ are without a doubt an excellent example of how electro pop music can (or should) sound today!

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