Nino Sable

Sinner's Day Winter
30 oktober 2022
Raven's nest



Nino Sable is an individual whose artistic range spans myriad styles and draws on a wide range of influences. It would be a mistake to pigeonhole him as he morphs, chameleon-like from one character to another, seamlessly crossing the traditional constraints and barriers constructed by society.

But there is history behind Nino Sable which explains much of what you see and hear today. Nino Sable grew up between Portugal and Germany and played in a lot of bands in both countries. The genesis of his musical journey was in the nineties, starting out with garage bands playing grunge, rock, metal, soul, (…) but he soon grew tired of the formulaic and restrictive nature of these projects.

In 1999 he struck out on his own with his first solo project called melanculia. Melanculia was an independent venture which captured the spirit of the time and, after a chance encounter, he invited Din-Tah Aeon to be a part of his vision. There was an immediate connection between the musicians which resulted in the birth of Aeon Sable in 2010, a band which some have labelled gothic rock, some gothic metal, but Nino cares not for the label, only for the immersion in the experience. Between 2010-2019 he has been on tour throughout Europe, playing in front of thousands of people at events such as the world-renowned Wave Gotik Treffen, Amphi Festival, NCN…..

Together with his passion for black metal, neo-folk and ritualistic music, this era was very important to form the kind of darkness you will only find in his compositions. Nino also has a strong collaborative streak running through him, sometimes as a musician, sometimes as a singer and songwriter and these releases can be seen dotted around the musical landscape over the years.

In 2021 Nino Sable has been releasing individual tracks on a monthly basis but has decided to focus on his first full length album sedate ⊚ seduce which was released in April 2022.

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