Sinner's Day Winter
30 oktober 2022



Nothing Hurts Forever’: the new sound of NewmoonOasis. This is the group that Newmoon wants to tour with. It should come as no surprise when you listen to ‘Nothing Hurts Forever’, the new record by the Antwerp-Sint Niklaas alternative rock band. The shoegaze of their excellent debut Space’ was exchanged for a more melodic approach. Less grit, more light. Still like to but also dare to let go. What remained was the freshness of these nine new songs. Nothing Hurts Forever’ was produced by Andy Savours (The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, My Bloody Valentine, The Horrors,…). The recordings, last autumn in his Wolfden studio in Camden Town (London), were a revelation to the band. It became a cocoon for the five in which they were allowed to push their boundaries, where the band stepped out of their own comfort zone. Newmoon let the majority of the songs take shape in the studio itself: almost all tracks were played live. No click tracks, no fiddling. Very organic, and you can feel that in the grooves of ‘Nothing Hurts Forever’. Newmoon let each song breathe, searching and finding the right dynamics. The emphasis is much less on heavy than on their debut. From opener ‘Let It End’ to closing track ‘Only You’, the tracks sound simpler, although they prove to be complex on closer listening. Art and paintings were a big influence. And what’s more, the synergy of playing live echoes in every track. “Andy’s approach has led us down paths we would never have ventured on otherwise,” says frontman and guitarist Bert Cannaerts proudly. The The recording of ‘Nothing Hurts Forever’ became a unique experience, with these five friends playing closer than ever as a band.

The future looks bright for Newmoon. with its more acoustic approach, was released at the beginning of September and immediately received a lot of acclaim. It is the right single for this record. The five childhood friends grew up with Joy Division and The Cure and had a past love for hardcore punk band Midnight Souls. The band took its name from an Elliott Smith record and has been playing together for almost six years now. After a first EP (‘Invitation To Hold’) in 2014, a full-fledged first record followed in 2016 with ‘Space’, one that immediately caught the eye. Newmoon created a furore at the ‘We’re Open’ festival in Antwerp’s Trix in early 2017. “Indie-pop, reverb rock and drone metal: it’s all incorporated into a beautiful tapestry of sound, combined with thin vocal lines. This group (with the look of young Stone Roses and the bassist of Alabama Shakes) is eager to get on stage,” wrote the newspaper De Morgen. Newmoon were rewarded for so much beauty that summer with a tasteful passage to Pukkelpop, where they played their hearts out. The band then toured England, France, Switzerland and Germany. Earlier this year, Newmoon was invited by dEUS itself to open for their The Ideal Crash concerts, and last summer they built up to the release of their new album, with a tasteful performance at the Lokerse Feesten. Newmoon feels ready for a new chapter. This group wants to tour again and bring their new songs to everyone who wants to hear them. Discover their renewed sound and fall in love with ‘Nothing Hurts Forever’ right away! Nothing Hurts Forever’ will be released on October 11 by [PIAS] Belgium, and is also available in Germany via Through Love Rec.

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