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IAMX (Machinate)

Sinner's Day Summer
24 June 2022



Ever since putting formative trip-hop group, Sneaker Pimps, on hiatus, Corner’s process of becoming IAMX has been theatrical, transcendent, and communal. Androgynous and visceral, he has metamorphosed from small-town kid to international pop star to creator of raw art that disrupts gender and genre. Fuelling electronic experimentation with punk energy and confessional lyricism, Corner’s dark sound, fashion, performances, videos, and persona are larger than life, iconoclastic, and shockingly intimate. After releasing Kiss + Swallow in 2004 and moving from his native UK to Berlin in 2005, IAMX released six additional albums over the following eight years. In 2013 Corner suffered from depression and chronic insomnia, prompting a move to Los Angeles and yielding Metanoia in 2015. An intensely cathartic body of work, Metanoia represented a comeback and a turning point in Corner’s life, and allowed him to explore themes of mental health which eventually led to partnerships with organizations like the You Rock Foundation, as well as his own podcast, Headnoise. Since then IAMX has released several more albums ranging from experimental electronica to his 2020 acoustic album, Echo Echo, which lists David Bottrill as a producer. In 2021 the prolific artist is releasing a long-awaited new album as Sneaker Pimps, and a modular electronic album as IAMX: both of which will be released on his new record label, UNFALL. Corner is a heavily liscensed artist, with 16 IAMX tracks on ‘How To Get Away with Murder’ alone, mutiple songs on ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’, amongst many other top shows globally and numerous soundtrack and commercial contributions as Sneaker Pimps. As a video artist, IAMX crafts stunning live visuals for himself and other acts such as close friend Gary Numan. Just as the X in mathematics signifies the variable and unpredictable, Corners’ identity and artistry evolves through experiment and fierce independence. As a result, his work continues to deepen with his ever expanding catalogue of projects.

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