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Forced to Mode

Sinner's Day Summer
24 June 2022



In 2011 Forced Movement, a Berlin based Electrock/Indietronic Band, formed the Depeche Mode Tribute project „FORCED TO MODE“ by passionate request.

A DM-Tribute Show once again? Yes and no. FORCED TO MODE present their „Devotional Tribute“ at the highest possible level. That’s been assured by audience and press reactions at live shows and videos captured at those concerts really speak for themselves.
What makes a FORCED TO MODE show unique? It’s the energetic live performance, an unbelievably „close to the original“ sounding voice and the urge to re-create every possible sound detail.

At the previous F2M shows the band was geared to the artistic pinnacle of Depeche Mode, the 1993 Devotional tour. A milestone that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013. That was reason enough to devotedly resurrect a terrific show, a perfect sound experience and great arrangements true to the original.

By now F2Ms repertoire spans around 70 songs of Synth Rock institution Depeche Mode from all decades and there’s no end in sight…

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