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DJ Synth Versus Me

Sinner's Day Summer
24 June 2022



Nico Cabañas

Nico Cabañas could be surely considered a pioneer of the electronic alternative scene in north-west of Spain, buying vinyl records and playing as DJ since 1989. In 2014, along with his wife Vanessa (R.I.P), they started their own musical band project under SYNTHS VERSUS ME alias, achieving an instant international success and being the founding motivation of ORACULO RECORDS, widely considered as one of the world’s most influential vinyl labels speaking of nowadays darkwave, synthwave, post-punk and ebm, with over 100 releases. As SYNTHS VERSUS ME he released 4 albums and 5 EP’s and he’ve collaborated and co-released/remixed/versioned material with artists such asBOY HARSHER, THE NEON JUDGEMENT, ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL, BLIND DELON, WIND ATLAS or GARY NUMAN. In 2018, he’ve founded OMBRA FESTIVAL with his partner Raul Gayo, where they present one of the best dark electronic shows of the entire world.

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