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Aroma di Amore

Sinner's Day Summer
26 June 2022



Aroma di Amore have always been outsiders, even within the confinement of the alternative rock circuit. Initially, their peculiar blend of manic vocals, raw guitars, dubby bass, electronic drums, and sharp, witty Dutch lyrics was too adventurous to many, but now, 40 years after their debut, the band is considered as one of the most original and creative Belgian bands ever.

Emerging from 1982’s Rock Rally final, AdA started to build an ever growing following and loyal fanbase, mainly far outside the mainstream. Nevertheless, the subsequent years to come their records gained more and more interest and appreciation, and nowadays the original albums are very sought after and sometimes sold for many times the original price.

From the beginning till now the nucleus of the band consisted of vocalist/lyricist Elvis Peeters and guitarplayer/drumprogrammer Fred Angst, later joined by Lo Meulen on bass. But on their first records keyboardist Andrea Smits and in particular the late Frits De Cauter on saxophone, co-defined the sound. To evoke that sound, the band will be assisted on stage by two young musicians: Roos Janssens on saxophones and Jan Peeters on guitars.

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