Read all about using the CovidSafe app here.

Scanning a valid Covid certificate is mandatory to gain access to mass events (+1,500 visitors/day).

For access to an event, the organiser checks:

-Checking the certificate

-Check that the identity of the person matches the identity on the certificate, e.g. by means of an identity card, passport or driving license (or other identity document with biometric data)

There are 3 types of certificates: vaccination certificate, test certificate and recovery certificate. When scanning the certificate, the following items are checked to determine its validity:

    -Vaccination certificate: status and date to determine that it has been sufficiently long since the person was vaccinated and can therefore be considered “covid safe”.

    -In case of test certificate: test result, type of test and test date to determine whether the certificate is still valid enough (2 days for PCR test, 1 day for RAT test)

    -With recovery certificate: 11 days after and max 180 days after positive PCR test

The advantages of the COVID certificate:

-Standardised QR code that works for all EU residents.

-Privacy: the certificate can be easily scanned by access control staff, without revealing health data.

When scanned, a green or red indication is shown (admission to the event or not).

In case of test certificates, the number of hours for which the person is admitted is shown (24 or 48 hours depending on the type of test). If validity expires during the day (e.g. 10 a.m.) the person has permission to stay until 12 p.m.

At access to the event site the COVID-certificate must be scanned.

If COVID certificate turns red for admission to the event:

No entry to the event

The organiser offers the possibility of a quick test (type RAT) on site, to be administered by healthcare professionals.

Sinner’s Day will be a 100% Corona-safe event!

For your convenience and to avoid paperwork, download the CovidSafeBE app

If you live abroad, download the dedicated app that allows you to view your European digital corona certificate. Each country has its own app. For Belgium this is ‘CovidSafeBE’.

The application generates a certificate that grants access to events in Belgium.

Only a QR code generated by the CovidSafeBE app, or in the form of a paper document issued by an official body is accepted!



No smartphone? Get a certificate with QR code by applying here:

More info on

Identification at the entrance will be checked! Please have your identity card ready.

A RAT-test village is present for all non-vaccinated people. A negatieve test will give you clearance to the festival. A RAT test is valid for 24h and will cost 10 euro.

The rest of our Corona guidelines can be found here.