2022 will go down in history as the strangest year in the history of the epic Belgian festival-scene. With record numbers in ‘new’ festivals, ‘added’ spin off concepts; days or weekends.

2022 will be known for the year visitor sale prognoses are no longer predictable. The year that established concepts do not get to sell-out; the year that the long-awaited need-to-party syndrome is not more than a fragment of our imagination.

In order to keep our company in the game and to guarantee well organized festivals as we did this summer we had to make the decision to cancel Sinner’s Day winter 2022 and to postpone the event to next year. At the basis of that decision is the lack of enthusiasm of the Belgian scene for the scheduled line-up this year. Despite our marketing efforts – both in Belgium and abroad – the (ticketing) interest in our program is not at all what we had predicted, it is even far from our worst case scenario.

The few 2022 tickets we have sold will remain valid for the following edition of Sinner’s Day (2023).
A refund of your ticket (minus the ticketing fee for the provider) is another option you can choose from.

To request a refund we need an email sent to support@w-productions.be mentioning the following :
• Ticket ordernumber
• email address you booked the tickets with
• iban account number

Refunds will be delt with before November 1st.

This hard decision has been made after evaluating all the options and with the clear and strong objective of being as honest and transparent as possible both with the public and with the bands that were going to be part of Sinner’s Day winter 2023. We will continue working so that Sinner’s Day winter, the new project that we have started with so much enthusiasm last year, can be carried out in 2023 and finally turns out to be the best way to get into the dark musical months of winter.

Info: support@w-productions.be