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Last minute line-up changes Saturday/Sunday


Test Dept needs to cancel due a death in the family of a crew member; as a result their full tour is cancelled (official message on our website). Disorientations, the upcoming post-punk band from Antwerp (B), will take their slot! Saturday 15h45

Official message from TEST DEPT:

I have some unfortunate news. One of Test Dept suffered a very sad and sudden loss of a family member recently and after much deliberation, they feel things will be too difficult, so won’t be able to go ahead with the tour at this time.

We’re really sorry about this and appreciate all the time and effort it’s taken to put this tour together, at the same time we hope you understand.

We’re going to look at rescheduling the tour for later this year!

The Danse Society is hartbroken to announce both their Keyboard player & bassist are infected with covid, meaning that – yet again – the band has to cancel. We wish both bandmembers a speedy recovery. (Inter) national heroes Red Zebra will be taking the vacant spot! Sunday – 15h40